Louie Bee does improv for an April Fools Radio Prank.


Louie Bee
April 5, 2011

The economy in the United States if you haven’t heard is sucking major balls. The Obama Administration has commissioned the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air to help bail out many failing financial institutions. Surprisingly racist hate has suffered because of the economy. I  have a sit down interview with Klansman Cletus to talk how the Ku Klux Klan has been affected by the economy.

Louie Bee: First I like to say Thank you Cletus for agreeing to do this interview.

Klansman Cletus: You’re very Welcome beaner. Have you given any thought on going back to Africa?

Louie Bee: Umm No. So, Cletus How has this economic slow down kept you from expressing your hate towards minorities?

Klansman Cletus: Well Spic, since the price of bleach has gone up so our robes and hoods can’t be cleaned as often. That kind of pisses us off because now we are as brown as the Koons and the beaners.

Louie Bee: So Cleanliness is close to racial pureness.

Klansman Cletus: Your damn right wetback.

Louie Bee: So besides the laundry how has the economy affected they way you conduct hate?

Klansman Cletus: Well since the price of lumber has gone up, we had to cut back on cross burnings on niggers lawns or we just have to start using Popsicle sticks and moonshine. I mean where is that porch monkey with our bailout at least we will be doing the lords work.

Louie Bee: I understand I could use some of that bailout money for some strippers. What do you say when people call you racist since you disagree with Obama’s policies?

Klansman Cletus: Well I am a racist but don’t mean I am wrong Look at the state of the economy he is spending to get us out of a recession its like fucking for virginity. I mean people use your god damn common sense. The man is bad hell worse than Brother Bush and Cheney. We had to kick Cheney out of the Klan because he kept trying to eat our children.

Louie Bee: Well Cletus you made a good point I never knew you bigoted Honkeys are smart sometimes. Thank you for this interview.

Klansman Cletus: You very Welcome Lou… see almost said your name spic lol Wait.. did you call me a honkey just now.

Louie Bee: Sure did Cletus and I fucked your sister-wife and she has a brown baby in her and a smile on her bitch.

I then ran to the car and got the fuck out of Alabama. Steven J. Bee will be born in January of 2010 yeeeehaawww

Louie Bee

The economy is in a very bad state and there is no indication that it will get better in the near future. People Are Looking to save Money so,  I am often asked constantly, “Louie Bee, how do I satisfy a fat woman”? After so many inquiries, I finally broke down and wrote this guide for those chubby chasers. The guide consist of a checklist for before you begin, and techniques to get her off. In order to satisfy a fat girl is very hard even for men with big equipment. However, it is not impossible if you prepare just follow these steps.

You first need to get condoms and morning after pills. I highly recommend the Trojans “Her Pleasure” with spermicidal lubricant. Safety is always step one. Step two, check for cleanliness. No mater what condoms you get you have to inspect the area and see if it looks healthy. Remember when in doubt bail out. Look at her snatch if it has some strange stuff like pimples or sores slimy stuff coming out or just smells RUN AWAY it is not worth getting sick.

In addition, she should be completely shaved do not accept any excuses. Nowadays there is no excuse for having an unkempt pussy. She should be freshly showered and smelling good. Stench will kill your dick fast. Ok, now that you have checked that, she is clean. Start kissing her get her turned on rub her breast and pinch a nipple. Lets your hands explore her body really. This will get dumpy to get wet for u.

Then take a nipple in your mouth and suck it she will squirm a little this is good. Kiss around her rolls, lift one up, and lick it all while making your way down. Now that you are in front of her cunt, take your middle finger, shove it in genitally, and start massaging her inside. Take your other hand and with your thumb and forefinger rub her clit. Now if she starts to rock her hips you are doing it right. Now the decisive moment has arrived. This is what proves if you love fat women or not.

This is where I found out I did not. take both your hands and spread the lips apart start licking up and down her slit the deeper then just go for it and start eating that whale of a slut for all your worth and make her see colors. You keep doing this until she comes. Once she has, no she is not done yet you need to get her off at least two more times before for you are considered a god lol. You first have to get on top and start fucking her each girl is different.

In my case, it took me 30 minutes of constant fast pumping just to get my ex to get her nut. In fact, the missionary position is a favorite to the fat lazy bitches I come across. Doggie only works if she is lying on her stomach and same thing applies it depends on the girl how fast for how long. In addition, gravity is your friend let her ride you cowgirl so you can play with her clit while you pump that should get her off relatively quickly.

If you follow this steps you will have no problem making a fat bitch cum in fact fucking a fat bitch is great exercise. It builds stamina and is great practice for when you go out with that hot in shape chick you really want.

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